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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Hindu Newspaper Vocabulary 

19 May 2020 (Daily Booster)

Dear aspirants,

In this competitive world, 'Vocabulary' plays a vital role in every exam. Several Banking and Government exams are round the corner like IBPS PO, Clerk, IBPS RRB, SBI, SSC-MTS, CGL, CGL MAINS, CPO, SSC Stenographer CHSL, State Level exams, Other Exams etc so here We provides you The Hindu Vocabulary on daily basis to enhance vocabulary power and helps you in your preparation for Govt job.

The Hindu Vocabulary
The Hindu Vocabulary 19 May 2020

HURDLE (Noun): (बाधा) : Balk

Synonyms: snag, barricade

Antonyms: aid, Help

Example:  There are many hurdles in career, we need to bulldoze them with our actions.


CONGESTED (Adjective): (भीड़): crowded

Synonyms: overcrowded, full

Antonyms: clear

Example: The congested streets and lanes led to me being late for the concert.


COLLISION (Noun): (टकराव): conflict

Synonyms: clash opposition

Antonyms: coalescence

Example: A collision of two diverse cultures and languages took place when they met.


SCATHING (Adjective): (हानिकारक) :Scalding

Synonyms: harsh, mordant

Antonyms: calm, mild

Example: The scathing criticism did not inspire the employee to improve his typing skills.


MANDATE (Noun): (आदेश): instruction

Synonyms: directive, direction

Antonyms: suggestion

Example: A mandate was needed to seek the release of political prisoners.


DEFY (Verb): (अवहेलना करना): disobey

Synonyms: go against, flout

Antonyms: obey

Example: A person who defies convention is always ignored.


ALTAR (Noun): (वेदी) : Church Table

Synonyms:shrine, chantry

Antonyms: playroom, club

Example: Today, the priest placed our offerings on the altar and everything vanished.


SOLACE (Noun): (सांत्वना): comfort

Synonyms: consolation, cheer

Antonyms: ache

Example: She sought solace in her passion for art and drama.


FRAGILE (Adjective): (कमज़ोर) : weak

Synonyms: feeble, Then

Antonyms: strong, firm

Example: Amrish body structure extremely fragile and he is unable to handle heavy things.


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PURLOIN (Verb) : चुराना : steal (something).

Synonyms: loot, pilfer, steal, embezzle.

Antonyms: bestow, contribute, donate, purchase.

Example: Sometimes it’s impossible to not purloin an excerpt from another person’s blog.


SURPASS (Verb): (श्रेष्ठ होना): excel

Synonyms: exceed, outdo

Antonyms: fail

Example: The levels of production were surpassed.


GLOAT (Verb) : आनंदित होना :

Synonyms: exult, rejoice, relish

Antonyms: commiserate, sympathize

Example: If you are the winner of a contest, you should not gloat and make your competitors feel inferior.


RECTITUDE (Noun): (सादगी) : Simplicity

Synonyms: honesty, integrity

Antonyms: corruption, Dishonesty

Example: Her sense of rectitude kept her from keeping the lost Ten thousand bill.


BAR (Verb): (ताला लगाना): bolt

Synonyms: lock, fasten

Antonyms: unbar

Example: She bolted and barred the door.


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TIZZY (Noun) : घबराहट

Synonyms: acrimony, animosity, annoyance, chagrin.

Antonyms: calm, calmness, delight, ease

Example: Her mother was in a tizzy over Liz’s divorce.


Enthusiastic (Adjective): (उत्साही)

Synonyms: zealous, ardent

Antonyms: apathetic, dull

Example: He is a Enthusiastic student.


REPROBATE (Noun) : नीच : an unprincipled person.

Synonyms: rogue, scoundrel, villain, wretch.

Antonyms: upright, virtuous, principled, righteous

Example: Although the old man pretended to be a reprobate in public, in private he did a lot of good deeds for the homeless.


DESPARATE (Adjective): (बेताब): despairing

Synonyms: hopeless, anguished

Antonyms: cheerful

Example: A desperate sadness surrounded her.


REDACT (Verb) : संपादित करना : edit (text) for publication.

Synonyms: correct, rectify, repair, fix.

Antonyms: befoul, deteriorate, diminish, hinder.

Example: Some of the conclusions in the report have been redacted.


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PERSPICACIOUS (Adjective): (तीक्ष्ण–बुद्धि) : clairvoyant

Synonyms: alert, aware

Antonyms: ignorant, unobservant

Example: The police officers are always perspicacious with their case.


DOWNTRODDEN (Adjective) : लताड़ा हुआ

Synonyms: persecuted, exploited, repressed, tyrannized.

Antonyms: protected, respected, guarded, favored.

Example: His claim to be a representative of the downtrodden masses is, of course, completely bogus.


STAGNANT (Adjective): (निष्क्रिय): inactive

Synonyms: sluggish, slow

Antonyms: active

Example: The Indian economy has become stagnant.


NOXIOUS (Adjective): (हानिकारक) : Noisome

Synonyms: destructive, harmful

Antonyms: helpful, kind

Example: This is a noxious Medicine.


DWINDLE (Verb): (क्षीण होना): diminish

Synonyms: decrease, reduce

Antonyms: increase

Example: Traffic has dwindled to a trickle


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RAVENOUS (Adjective) : अति पेटू : voracious.

Synonyms: insatiable, greedy, gluttonous, edacious.

Antonyms: content, sated, satiated, satisfied.

Example: No matter what type of stressful situation I’m facing, my body responds by eating everything in sight because of my ravenous appetite.


JADED (Adjective): (क्षीण/थका) : Tired

Synonyms: bored, spun

Antonyms: lively, energize

Example:  The participants were so jaded from the task that they didn’t even sister to wait for the final results. .


INCONCEIVABLE (Adjective) : अचिंतनीय : unbelievable.

Synonyms: implausible, improbable, incredible, incogitable.

Antonyms: plausible, reasonable, tenable, conceivable.

Example: When I looked at my outrageous hospital bill, I blinked at the inconceivable amount.


DAWDLE (Verb): (समय नष्ट करना) : Waste time

Synonyms: loiter, procrastinate

Antonyms: hasten, hurry

Example: The father warned the son that he will be punished if he dawdled again.

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