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सोमवार, 2 नवंबर 2020

यदि आप सरकारी परीक्षा की तैयारी करते हैतो उसमें  सफलता के लिए शब्दों पर विशेष पकड़ आवश्यक होती है। 'शब्दावली (Vocabulary)' प्रत्येक परीक्षा में महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाता है। कई बैंकिंग और सरकारी परीक्षाएंजैसे कि IBPS PO, क्लर्कIBPS RRB, SSC, CGL, CPO, CHSL, Stenographer, MTS,  राज्य स्तरीय परीक्षाअन्य परीक्षाएं आदि हैं और कई परीक्षा ऐसी हैजिसमें अभ्यर्थियों से निबंध लेखन और Synonyms तथा Antonym से संबंधित प्रश्न पूछे जाते है। इसको ध्यान में रखते हुए हम यहाँ आपको दैनिक आधार पर द हिंदू 'शब्दावली (Vocabulary)'  में 10 नए शब्द तथा Synonyms और Antonym के साथ बता रहे है। प्रदान करते हैं जो आपको आगामी परीक्षाओं में लाभान्वित करेंगे। 

The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary
Editorial with Vocabulary, English Vocab

Coronavirus | Opeds and editorials Signs of easing: On India’s COVID-19 fight

After reporting over 97,650 novel coronavirus cases on September 11, the largest number ever reported on a single day by any country till then (the U.S. registered 99,780 cases on October 30), India has been witnessing a steady fall in daily fresh cases reported since mid-September. Since October 25, there have been fewer than 50,000 new cases every day, except on one. More importantly, the reduction in daily cases has continued despite no appreciable drop in overall testing numbers, a trend quite pronounced in States that bore the brunt of the pandemic — Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. It is quite clear that the pandemic has peaked by spreading through the major densely populated cities, leaving lakhs infected and thousands dead, but there is a definite slowing down in these areas. Since August, cases had already started to pile up beyond urban areas in rural districts. It is unclear whether the drop in daily cases and deaths registered in the urban areas is playing itself out similarly in rural areas as well, as unlike urban areas, the protocols for testing, treatment, isolation are not as diligently followed because of gaps in the rural health infrastructure across States. This is something State Health Departments need to follow up on.

There is evidence from other disease surveillance in the past that States with better primary health and sentinel infrastructure across topographies, urban or rural, have recorded diseases better. For example, the reporting of HIV cases in Maharashtra and the southern States resulted in the recording of more cases while Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and a few other north Indian States reported fewer cases. The absence of evidence is, after all, not the evidence of absence and Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and others must not become complacent about the drop in cases, and must continue to increase their respective testing rates to keep pace with the rest of India. While peaking and a reduction in cases is a good sign that could ease the strain on the health infrastructure, the danger the virus poses is still real. The dip in cases may turn out to be just a statistical blip, with a second surge and heightened spread waiting to happen in the winter, particularly as people partake in the festive season. States have started to ease restrictions on schooling, commercial activities and have even allowed theatres and malls to open to spur the consumption economy severely affected by the lockdowns. The easing was unavoidable as the economic strain was becoming as much of a problem for people as COVID-19 was to their health. Citizens must not get complacent about the drop in cases and should continue to observe norms of social distancing, mask wearing and hand hygiene till vaccines made available prove their efficacy.

Appreciable (Adjective)- इतना बड़ा कि सहज में ही दिखाई पड़े या महत्वपूर्ण लगे; पर्याप्त, अच्छा-ख़ासा, काफ़ी

large enough to be noticed or thought important

Synonyms -apprehensible, detectable, discernible (also discernable), distinguishable, palpable, perceptible, sensible

Antonyms -impalpable, imperceptible, inappreciable, indistinguishable, insensible, undetectable


Brunt (Noun)- आघात

the worst part or chief impact of a specified action. "education will bear the brunt of the cuts"

Synonyms - body, bulk, chief, core, generality, heft [archaic], main, mass, staple, weight

Antonyms - accessory (also accessary), adjunct, appendage, extension, offshoot

component, constituent, element, ingredient


Diligently (Adverb)- लगन से

in a way that shows care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties. "he spends his nights diligently working on his dissertation"

Synonyms - actively, assiduously, busily, industriously, laboriously

Antonyms - lifelessly, sleepily


Surveillance (Noun)- निगरानी

close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal.

"he found himself put under surveillance by British military intelligence"

Synonyms - care, charge, guidance, headship, oversight, regulation, stewardship, superintendence, superintendency, supervision

Antonyms - indifference (antonym) Lack of concern, interest, or feeling; apathy.

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Sentinel (Verb)- पहरेदार

station a soldier or guard by (a place) to keep watch.

"a wide course had been roped off and sentinelled with police"

Synonyms - custodian, guard, guardian, keeper, lookout, minder, picket, sentry, warden, warder, watch, watcher, watchman

Antonyms - traitor, decoy


Complacent (Adjective)- आत्मसंतुष्ट

showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements.

"you can't afford to be complacent about security"

Synonyms - apathetic, casual, disinterested, incurious, indifferent, insensible, insouciant,

Antonyms - concerned, interested


Blip (Verb)- रडार लक्ष्य

make a very short high-pitched sound or succession of sounds.

"big boxes of esoteric electronics hummed and blipped"

Synonyms - bleep, clip, cut, excise, remove

blot out, efface, eradicate, erase

Antonyms - stet


Spur (Verb)- अधिक मेहनत या तेज़ी से काम करने के लिए (किसी को) प्रेरित या बाध्य करना

spur somebody/something (on/onto something) to encourage somebody or make him/her work harder or faster

Synonyms - dig, goad, prod

Antonyms - counterincentive, disincentive


Efficacy (Noun)- किसी औषधि या चिकित्सीय उपचार की प्रभावोत्पादकता

the ability of something like a drug or a medical treatment to bring about the results that are wanted

Synonyms - edge, effectiveness, effectualness, efficaciousness, efficacity, efficiency, productiveness

Antonyms - ineffectiveness, ineffectuality, ineffectualness, inefficiency


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